Quickly find accommodation that matches your profile thanks to Bailti

If you are a student looking to rent or the ideal roommate, know that you are in the right place. You can be put in touch with like-minded people so that the collocation goes like clockwork. Open yourself up to a multitude of possibilities and easily find your future home thanks to this simple and effective solution.

A solution perfectly adapted to future roommates

  • You can be sure of finding the rare pearl, that will suit you perfectly, in terms of accommodation.
  • You can find sociable and like-minded roommates that you.
  • You will be able to enjoy a local service and be grouped with your friends in common.

Find and settle with roommates from the same school

  • Are you going to a whole new city to discover to study there? What an extraordinary adventure that will not lack spice and that will allow you to develop culturally! And for this to go as smoothly as possible, Bailti offers you to connect you with other students at your future institution to bring you together in one and the same accommodation.
  • If you have the necessary financial resources for the colocation, but you do not have a guarantor, the fact of finding friends in common with the lessor can greatly simplify the situation. Indeed, the owner of the premises could ask certain questions about you to your friend in common to see if you are a reliable and responsible person. This will allow him to determine whether or not he can close his eyes under the guarantee.

Find roommates with the same affinities as you

  • If you are a rather calm person, who prefers to stay at home with a book, you will certainly not be able to live with a party animal who comes home at two in the morning. You can easily get together with people who have the same affinities as you.
  • Whether they are athletic, musical, literary, smokers, noisy or otherwise, you can be sure that you won't run out of things to say to each other as part of your joint tenancy.
  • You have everything in terms of research thanks to various filters such as passions and affinities, physical activities practiced, schools attended and others.

Enjoy a live chat with the owners

  • No intermediary, you will be in direct contact with owners and will be able to see with them what the rental and collocation conditions are.
  • You will be able join chat groups related to each accommodation, ask the questions that bother you, answer the others and create a link with them so that everything goes as well as possible.
  • Conversation groups will also allow you to expand your network of friends, especially if you are in a city that you do not know and that you have just discovered.

Automation of application submission

  • You will only need a few clicks to search for accommodation that meet your expectations and that are located in the sector of your choice.
  • Once you have unearthed the rare pearl, it will also only take you a few minutes to send your application to the owner of the premises.

The possibility of forming a team to simplify the search

  • You notice, according to your affinities with the other members, that certain people have the same conditions as you in housing? Why not contact them and form a cohesive team in your research? You most certainly know the adage: “Unity is strength”.
  • By forming a team, you can prioritize and find accommodation near public transport such as a bus or metro line.